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End Caps and Clasps - Assembled.

End Caps and Clasps - Assembled.
Item# SB-168
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When you are finished with your beautiful kumihimo necklace, you need to put a clasp on the ends so you can wear it! Here is a complete set (everything for one necklace) of end caps and a clasp, ready to mount.

These end caps are sized for 3mm (⅛ inch), 4mm (3/16 inch), 4½mm (just over 3/16 inch); 6mm (¼ inch) or 8mm (⅜ inch) inch braids. Use a few drops of a good super glue (such as the one we include in our big kit), E6000, or other adhesive that will bind your cord to metal; insert the prepared end of the braid; let it dry; and you are ready. The clasp is already attached to the end caps.

Watch our video on YouTube (search for "Kumiloom" or click the link below) for instructions, or see the printed instructions below..

We have three closures (screw-together barrel clasp for a sure connection, a powerful magnetic clasp for great convenience and a strong connection, or the traditional lobster clasp with a chain for length adjustments), five sizes (five diameters of end caps, 3mm, 4mm, 4½ mm, 6mm, and 8mm, and two finishes (gold or platinum-color). The 3mm, 4mm, and 4½ mm sets have only the lobster clasp. The end caps are machined/cylinder style.

The barrel style has a magnetic closure to guide the two parts together, then you tighten the barrel screw-on sleeve (see picture here...)

Size guidelines: use 3mm for small embroidery floss braids, 4mm for the smaller braids using embroidery floss or similar threads; 4½mm is the size we include in our beaded necklace kits; 6mm for 8-strand braids made using 1mm or 1.5mm cord, such as our satin rat tail; 8mm for 12 strand necklaces or other thread combinations resulting in 3/8 inch thick braids.

Here is a video on adding end caps:

Please feel free to right-click on the instructions below and save/print them out as you need them: