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24 assorted clasp sets + storage box

24 assorted clasp sets + storage box
Item# SK-560

Product Description

Here is a set of 24 assembled end caps/clasps in assorted sizes. We include a convenient storage box.

First, 15 of our complete clasp/end cap sets, in assorted clasps, finish, and end cap:

  • 3mm Lobster Gold Plate
  • 3mm Lobster Silver Plate
  • 4˝mm Lobster Gold Plate
  • 4˝mm Lobster Silver Plate
  • 6mm Lobster Gold Plate
  • 6mm Lobster Silver Plate
  • 6mm Magnetic Gold Plate
  • 6mm Magnetic Silver Plate
  • 6mm Barrel Gold or Silver Plate
  • 8mm Lobster Gold Plate
  • 8mm Lobster Silver Plate
  • 8mm Barrel Gold Plate
  • 8mm Barrel Silver Plate
  • 8mm Magnetic Gold Plate
  • 8mm Magnetic Silver Plate

Next, we include 9 of our integral magnetic clasp/end caps:

  • 3mm Silver Plate
  • 3mm Gold Plate
  • 4mm Gold Plate
  • 4mm Silver Plate
  • 5mm Silver Plate
  • 5mm Gold Plate
  • 6mm Gold Plate
  • 6mm Silver Plate
  • 8mm Gold or Silver Plate

Finally, we pack these all in a wonderful 8 compartment plastic storage system.

A complete set for the hobbyist, so you'll always have just the right size at your fingertips. Also, as you find the size that you use often in your kumihimo, you'll be able to order the exact item in individual quantities from your website. Please note, sometime platinum plating will be used in place of the silver, same appearance and quality of course!