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Bracelet Clasp (Magnetic/Knot)

Bracelet Clasp (Magnetic/Knot)
Item# SK-501
$2.50, 3/$6.00

Product Description

(Finishes may be mixed for quantity discount)

(This item is the clasp set only; the bracelet in these pictures is an example of how to use them but is not included.)

These are wonderful clasps for finishing off a bracelet. Their opening for the cord (just glue it in) is just right for a 4mm diameter finished braid, the size you'd have after making the beaded bracelet shown in the pictures here.

Operation is simplicity itself - just slip one loop inside the other, let them lay flat, and the inset magnetic disc holds them firmly together. You can't pull these apart, but when you're ready to take off the bracelet (or necklace), just give them a slight bend and twist, slip the loops apart, and you're done!

You'll find that these work best if your bracelet is not too tight on your wrist (in order to keep your wristbone from rubbing the clasp and separating it). Overall length of the two pieces when assembled is about 1 1/2 inches.

Great looking, easy to use, and inexpensive. For a super strong bracelet clasp, see the our "magnetic sphere clasps."

Remember, the bracelet is not included in this item, it is shown to demonstrate how the clasp is used.