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Denim Gimp Necklace Kit

Denim Gimp Necklace Kit
Item# SK-752
$8.00, 2/$14.00, 10/$60.00
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Product Description

This 8-strand kumihimo necklace opens in the front, where the centerpiece is attached. The pendant can be removed and replaced with your own name tag when a lanyard is needed.

Kit contains 40 feet of denim colored rayon gimp, a navy central cotton cord wrapped with light grey rayon threads, resembling old blue jeans. The kit creates a 34-35 inch braid 4.5-5mm in diameter.

It comes with your choice of butterfly pendant or crescent, end caps, and stainless steel lobster clasps.

Includes instructions. You provide a kumiloom and 8 bobbins and should be familiar with the steps of a round braid (right down, left up). A liquid (not gel) super-type glue can be used to attach the end caps.