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Adjustable Curved Tube 6mm

Adjustable Curved Tube 6mm
Item# SK-206
$4.25, 3/$11.25

Product Description

A stainless steel integrated end cap. Gently curved stainless steel to match the way your necklace lays, with a spring-loaded snap clasp (a little button snaps into one of the holes).

The length of this finding is adjustable up to an extra half inch.

This wouldn't be good for bracelets unless you have someone to help, as it takes two hands to operate. To unclasp, push in on the button, give the inserted tube a small twist, and pull them apart. The reason you give a small twist is to keep the button from snapping into the other holes as you remove it. To assemble, just reverse the process...push in on the button, insert the smaller tube into the larger one with the button not quite lined up with the holes, slide it in to the right length, the a small twist snaps it into place.

Stainless steel for beauty, strength, and longevity. 6mm hole for your kumihimo braids.