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New! KumiSizer™ Card Braid Size Measuring Template

<font color=red>New!</font> KumiSizer™ Card Braid Size Measuring Template
Item# SK-563
$2.50, 5/$10.00, 20/$30.00

Product Description

What's new for this tool?

  • Now made of cast acrylic for strength
  • Clear acrylic makes the sizes easier to read and the cord easier to see
  • Sturdy, you can't bend/crease the acrylic
  • Same price, same design, same hole sizes as the original

What size is that braid? What size end cap do I need? That's a question you probably ask yourself every time you've finished a kumihimo braiding project. Our portable/pocket-size KumiSizer™ Card will answer that question immediately! You just find the hole your braid fits in, then read the size.

The hole sizes range from 3mm to 12mm in 1mm increments (except 11mm). Built with ⅛"sturdy acrylic, measures about 2 3/4 inches across. This will probably become your most important kumihimo accessory.

Design copyright ©2014 Kathy James