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Twist+Magnetic Clasp/End Cap. (3-10mm hole)

Twist+Magnetic Clasp/End Cap. (3-10mm hole)
Item# SK-800
$2.00, 4/$6.00, 10/$12.50, 50/$49.00
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Product Description

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These are something special! This clasp/end cap setup has the best of all worlds—it is ready to glue onto your typical kumihimo braids (6mm to 10mm for the larger ones, 3mm to 5mm for the smaller ones). Then you'll have one of the easiest-to-use, unique, and secure clasps you may ever own!!

This finding is a combination end cap/magnetic clasp/twist-lock finding. You merely insert one part into the other, and the strong magnetics create a firm seal. Then, give it a small turn, and the two pieces lock together so you can't pull them apart. Your necklace or bracelet will not come apart even with an unusual pull or other stress. When you're ready to take it off, give a simple turn to unlock the pair, then pull it apart as you do for all magnetic clasps. The ease and convenience of a magnetic clasp with the extra security of the locking mechanism.

Made of solid brass with a silver, gold, or dark-color plating. The overall size of the 6mm set is 17mm x 8mm, and the inside hole diameter is just under 6mm; the 3mm set is 14x5mm, with an inside hole diameter of 3mm. The other hole diameters are proportional in overall size. Sizes are inside hole diameter, ±¼mm.