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New! E6000 Plus 1.9 oz - No Odor!

<font color=red>New! </font>E6000 Plus 1.9 oz - No Odor!
Item# SK-566

Product Description

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E6000 is the well known and widely used all purpose adhesive that is clear when it dries, is waterproof, and adheres to many surfaces.

NOW we have E6000 PLUS which has no odor!

Formulated with a premium polymer technology, its all-weather performance is excellent on wood, glass, fabric, ceramic, gems, metal, marble, fiberglass, concrete, and most plastics.

It dries crystal clear, with superb UV resistance. It is paintable, and remains flexible after curing, while maintaining its permanent bond strength. It is acid free.

And unlike the original E6000, this NEW E6000 PLUS can be sent via Air Mail!