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Bicone Magnetic Clasp (Stainless) 3-6mm

Bicone Magnetic Clasp (Stainless) 3-6mm
Item# SK-220
$4.25, 3/$11.25, 10/$32.50
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Product Description

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These simple, understated, elegant clasps are formed of stainless steel for strength, beauty, and longevity.

Several different hole sizes, can be used for necklaces or bracelets.

Bracelets: Not too many magnetic clasps are right for bracelets because the magnetics are too small (their size needs to match the part with the hole). These clasps, though, have a small opening (we have them as small as 3mm for your small thread braids), but because of the bicone shape they have a magnetic of a size large enough for a strong hold.

They are about 15-18mm long (depending on the hole size).