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Rattail Satin Braiding Cord
Small (1 mm) 6 yards

Rattail Satin Braiding Cord<br>Small (1 mm) 6 yards
Item# SK-580

Product Description

(Gold, Dark Olive, Emerald, and Ivory no longer available)

Genuine, US-made Rattail® satin braiding cord. This is the small size—about ¾-1mm in diameter. An 8-strand braid of this material will make an approximately 5mm diameter braid.

This cord is made of rayon, and has a wonderful silky feel and the best soft drape of any cords we have.

Available in 6 yard pieces...for example, for an 8-strand braided necklace made with the round braid on the KumiLoom™, you'll need two of theses.