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New! Arrowhead Wirewrap Necklace Kit (reversible pendant)

<font color=red>New! </font>Arrowhead Wirewrap Necklace Kit (reversible pendant)
Item# SK-783
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Product Description

This kit produces a 24 inch textured 12 strand braid with an electroplated stone arrowhead pendant. The clasp is a preassembled antiqued silver plated ornate hook and loop that complements the swirls in the wire-wrapped pendant.

The hand-knapped arrowhead is coated with a bright metallic finish, and each pendant is unique. Most have color variations. We hand wire wrap to fit the stone's shape using 18- and 20-gauge silver-plated copper wire with a nontarnish clear coating. Each stone is reversible...different designs on front and back.

Kit contents:

  • 20 feet of hand-dyed rayon chenille
  • 20 feet of narrow flat ribbon
  • 20 feet of matching satin cord
  • 1 preassembled decorative clasp with 6.5mm endcaps
  • Instructions for setup, braiding tips, adding clasp

Cord combo descriptions:

  • Denim...3 shades of dusty blue cords (ribbon, satin, and chenille)
  • Rainbow rust...variegated Italian ribbon, space-dyed multicolor chenille, rust satin
  • Black...all black ribbon, satin, and chenille
  • Rainbow turquoise...variegated Italian ribbon, space-dyed multicolor chenille, bold turquoise satin

Arrowhead color descriptions:

  • Bronze plum...velvety matte finish with slight mix of plum and gold bronze; sometimes different color front and back
  • Rainbow...variations of turquoise, cobalt, bronze, and plum. Front and back can differ. Some sheen.
  • Cobalt...deep cobalt with dark purple undertones. Front and back are similar. Little sheen.

It is assumed you are familiar with the "right down, left up" steps of making the round braid. You will need a Kumiloom™ or other braiding loom and 12 bobbins.

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