Kumihimo Supplies: Your Best Source!
Stainless Friction-Lock Tubular End Caps
Stainless Steel Pendants
"Bamboo" Magnetic Column Clasp 8mm, 10mm or 12mm hole
24 assorted clasp sets + storage box
4mm Barrel
Gold or Silver Plated
(Package of 4)

4mm Bullet
Gold or Silver Plated
(Package of 4)

6mm Barrel
Gold or Silver Plated
(Package of 4)

6mm Bullet
Gold or Silver Plated
(Package of 4)

8/0 Glossy Beads
8/0 Matte Beads
8mm Barrel
Gold or Silver Plated
(Package of 4)

8mm Bullet
Gold or Silver Plated
(Package of 4)

New! Arrowhead Wirewrap Necklace Kit (reversible pendant)
New! E6000 Plus 0.9 oz - No Odor!
New! E6000 Plus 1.9 oz - No Odor!
New! Lampwork Glass Snake Necklace Kit
New! Multi Bracelet Kit with Filigree Focal Point
New! Pendant Braid Necklace
New! Satin Beading Cord 1mm 72 yard rolls
New! KumiSizer™ Card Braid Size Measuring Template
Abalone/Paua Shell Pendant
Adjustable Curved Tube 6mm
Amethyst Drop Pendant
Artistic Wire® Jump Rings
(Package of 70-110)

Banded Stainless Steel Magnetic Tube Clasp 4 & 7mm
Bead Counter - Four Counting Boards
Bead Oracle Reference Card
Beaded Bracelet Kit
Beaded Hook and Eye Set
(Silver plated)

Beaded necklace kit
Bicolor Brass Magnetic Clasp 5mm
Bicolor Brass Ribbed Magnetic Clasp 5mm
Bicone Magnetic Clasp (Stainless) 3-6mm
Big eye needles (two 2 1/8 inch needles)
Bracelet Clasp (Magnetic/Knot)
Bracelet Kit with Filigree Focal Point
Braided keychain kit
Braiding with Beads
Brass Vernier Caliper
Bronze Finish Small Bails
(Package of 5)

Chenille Spiral Beaded Necklace Kit
Combination Flat Nose/Loop Closing Pliers
Complete Clasp Sets
Complete Guide to Kumihimo on a Braiding Loom
Cords and Threads
Curved Mythical Tail
Decorative Band Stainless Magnetic Clasp 8mm
Denim Gimp Necklace Kit
Digital Caliper
Dragon Clasp Set
Dragon Claw
Dragon End Cap/Clasp
Dragon full pose
Dragon with Crystal Ball
Dragon with Extended Legs
Duracoat Galvanized 6/0 beads
Eagle Head
End Caps
End Caps and Clasps - Assembled.
Everything Kumihimo
Eyeglass Holders
Fancy Eyeglass Holders
(Package of 6)

Fancy Hook and Eye
With Antique Finish

Fiber embellishment Cords
Filigree Heart
Filigree Tube Bead Pendant
Flat Braid 8 Strand
Flat Braid End Caps (set of 2)
Flat Braid Slide-in/Magnetic Clasp (Stainless steel)
Flat Glue-On Bails (Package of 2 bails)
Flat Nose Pliers for Jump Rings
Flat, rounded magnetic clasp (stainless steel)
Flexible Bobbins
Flying Dragon with Swirling Tail
Gemstone Pendants
Glue-In Toggle Swirl Clasp
Glue-on Pendant Bails
Gourd Art - Beyond the Basics
Hammered Finish End Caps
Hand Made Mini-Charm
Hanging Weights
Headpins (silver/gold plated)
Hex Ribbed Tube 5, 6 & 8mm
Hook and Eye Glue-In Clasps
Hook and Eye sets
Horse Head Pendant
Individual Findings
Instructional Pamphlets
Jump ring opening tool
Jump Rings
KumiBob Bobbins 1 7/8 inch (80 count)
KumiBob Bobbins
1 7/8 inch (pkg of 8).

KumiBob Larger Bobbins 2½ inch (80 count)
KumiBob Larger Bobbins 2½ inch (pkg of 8).
Kumihimo Beginning Kit: KumiLoom™, Bobbins, Booklet, Necklace Kit.
Kumihimo Big Project Kit.
Kumihimo Finding Set
Kumihimo Tools
Kumiloom and Kumiloom Mini Combination Set
Kumiloom Mini
KumiLooms™ and Kits
KumiLoom™ Braiding Loom
Lampwork Heart
Lampwork Pendants
Lapis Lazuli Natural Gemstone Pendant
Large filigree
Gold Plated
(Package of 5)

Large Oval
Gold/Silver Plated
(package of 144)

Lobster Claw Clasp
(Package of 10)

Lobster Claw Clasp
(Package of 10)

Lobster Claw Clasp
(Package of 10)

Lobster Claws
Lock and Key Toggle Clasp
(Package of 4 sets)

Magnetic Clasp Tube
Light duty
Package of 3

Magnetic Clasp, Rose Gold, 5mm Hole
Magnetic Clasps
Magnetic Converter/Clasp
Gold Plated
Medium Duty
Package of 3

Magnetic Converter/Clasp
Platinum Plated
Package of 3

Magnetic Converters/Clasps
Magnetic Lantern Clasp 3mm
Magnetic Tube Clasp (3-10mm hole)
Malachite Freeform Pendant
Medium Duty Magnetic Clasp
(Package of 5)

Medium Oval
Gold/Silver Plated
(Package of 100)

Medium Round Jump Rings
Gold/Silver Plated
(Package of 100)

Micrometer 0-25mm
Mixed Beads Bracelet Kit
Miyuki Magatama Beads
More Necklaces Braided on the Kumihimo Disk
Multi Color Hemp Cord 100 yd spool
Murano Fine Glass Beads
Murano Long Glass Tubes
Black with Bronze Dots

Murano Long Glass Tubes
Earth Tone Colors

Murano Long Glass Tubes
Turquoise/black on silver

Necklace Kit with Filigree Focal Point
Necklaces Braided on the Kumihimo Disk
Octopus Pendant
Pendant Bails
Pendant Slides
Pewter Pendants
Pinch Bails
Plain Bails with Loop
Plain Tube 6 & 8mm
Precious Metal Finish Magatama Beads
Premium Finish Magatama Beads
Project Kits
Push-in End Caps/Clasps
PyroPaper™ and other Gourd Supplies
Rattail Satin Braiding Cord
Small (1 mm) 6 yards

Ribbed Tube 5mm
Ribbed-Bell Shape End Cap Set with Lobster Clasp 8mm
Ringed Tube 5mm Clasp
Rose gold small band 5mm set of 4
Round Braid 4 Strand
Round Braid 8 Strand
Round Nose Pliers
Select Finish Magatama Beads
Set of Five 5mm Lobster Clasp Sets
Silver-plated Pewter
Pendant Slide
(Package of 6)

Size 6 Picasso Miyuki Seed Beads 20 Gram Tube
Small Curved Bail, Open Back
Package of 6

Small Gold Finish Bail
(Package of 5)

Small Gold-plated Pewter
Pendant Slide
(Package of 6)

Small Silver Bail
(Package of 5).

Small Silver Swirl Pattern
(Package of 5)

Smooth Curved Tube 6mm
Smooth Dual Rib 6mm
Smooth Ribbed Tube 6mm
Smooth Single Rib 5 & 6 mm
Smooth Triple Rib 5mm
Snap Curved Tube 3-8mm
Sphere Clasp for Small Flat Braids 2x4mm
Sphere on Tube 5mm
Split Ring Pliers
Square Plate for Flat Braids
Stainless Enamel Dragon Pendant
Stainless Rose Gold Magnetic Lantern Clasp 8mm
Stainless Snap Ring
Stainless Steel Dragon Pendants
Stainless Steel Jump Rings 6mm (Pkg/100)
Stainless Steel Pinch Bail
Standard Eyeglass Holders
(Package of 6)

Standard Hook and Eye Sets
(Package of 5)

Standard Magatama Beads: Silver Lined
Starter Instructions for KumiLoom and other disks
Sterling Silver Clasp Set. (4¾mm hole)
Strong Brass Magnetic Sphere Clasp 3mm, 4mm and 5mm hole
Super New Glue
Swirl Design Pendant
Textured Ball on Tube 6mm
Tie-Dye Necklace Kit
Toggle Clasp Glue-In set
Toggle Clasp
Beaded Circular Design
(Package of 2 sets)

Toggle Clasp
Circular Design
(Package of 2 sets)

Toggle Clasp
Fancy Circular
(Package of 2 sets)

Toggle Clasp
Heart Design
(Package of 2 sets)

Toggle Clasp
Square Design
(Package of 2 sets)

Toggle clasps
Tutorials (video and for the blind)
Twist+Magnetic Clasp/End Cap. (3-10mm hole)
Twisted Jump Rings 8mm
Gold/Silver Plated
(Package of 25)

Wolf Head Pendant