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Kumihimo Beginning Kit: KumiLoom™, Bobbins, Booklet, Necklace Kit.

Kumihimo Beginning Kit: KumiLoom™, Bobbins, Booklet, Necklace Kit.
Item# SG-347
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Product Description

(Color schemes may be mixed for quantity discount)

Kumihimo (koo-mee-HEE-mo) is a Japanese word for a braided cord. A centuries-old art form, now you can do it with the KumiLoom™, a modern, easy-to-use braiding disk.

This kit also contains the fantastic KumiBob cord-handling bobbins, making the work much easier and faster; two color satin necklace kit with filigree focal point with cord and findings; and a 12-page booklet of instructions for the round braid!

In the early 8th century, when the Buddhist religion spread in Japan, people began to use decorative braids in ceremonies. The making of these beautiful, usually silk, braids became an art, and later, people used colorful braids to decorate their clothing, hang ritual banners, lace samurai armor together, tie robes, and decorate weapons. Braids can be found in many cultures, but the Japanese developed the highest order of braiding techniques and complexity.

Now, braiding adds an elegant finish with so many different uses. Using easily available cords, here are some examples of what you can do with this kit and different cords (hang your jewelry as we did here!):

Today, you can create beautiful Kumihimo with the KumiLoom, the modern braiding disc. The notches provide the correct tension, so you don't need hanging weights. The cord winds up into the individual flexible bobbins, so you keep a compact workspace, but easily and quickly feed cord as you braid. There are 8 bobbins in this kit; if you decide you want more (both for more involved Kumihimo projects as well as great cord storage devices) they can be purchased separately.

So many uses! Your braids can be used to hang jewelry, for coiling on gourds or baskets, or as a purse handle. Braided cords are also used for eyeglass cord, cell phone loops, lanyards, light pulls or curtain ties, clothing, key chains, leashes, zipper pulls, binding, decoration, costumes...there's no end to uses for intricate braided cords.

You will get a kit that includes:

  • KumiLoom: 6 inch diameter, 12mm (about ˝ inch) thick, the best Kumihimo disk available!
  • 8 plastic cord bobbins (these are the well known EZ bobs)
  • 12-page booklet of instructions for the basic round braid (both 8 and 16 strand), finishing instructions, color pattern setup suggestions
  • Your first project: a complete necklace kit, complete with the clasp (a twist-magnetic finding), two colors of satin cord, and a filigree tube focal point. Color/design may vary. You can make a necklace 24 inches or longer. Choose your two colors from the drop down lists at the top.

(Sky Blue and Bold Turquoise are slightly more turquoise in color than photo appears)