Kumihimo kumiloom braiding

KumiLoom™ Braiding Loom

KumiLoom™ Braiding Loom
Item# SG-346N

Product Description

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(You are purchasing the KumiLoom™ alone; the bobbins and cords shown in the picture are sold separately.)

Our flagship kumihimo disk, the one we include in all of our kits!

For those who want to use the centuries-old Kumihimo-stype braiding techniques, but want a small, portable loom, the Kumi Loom is the answer! This sturdy, dense EVA foam product is 6 inches wide, 12mm (about ˝ inch) thick.

It has 32 notches for holding your braiding cord firmly, providing the necessary tension for good, tight braids.

One great, and unique, design is that it is 8-sided. This allows you to easily find your place, is convenient to hold, and the 8 corners are labeled with compass directions, making some braiding directions easier to give and understand.

BONUS! On the back side, we've printed "quick start" directions for the basic braid, so this disk is all you need (other than cord) to get started! You can partially complete a project, set the Kumi Loom down, and come back later—the directions will help you find your place.

Once your appetite is whetted, we know you'll want to expand your knowledge of this craft — and what better way than our book on Kumihimo braiding, the best one available!

Designed by Kathy James, an experienced teacher and author of Kumihimo braiding on small, personal looms and disks, we think this is the best product of its kind on the market.

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