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Pewter Pendants

Pewter Pendants
These beautiful pendants are made in Oregon from the highest quality pewter, deeply case for an impressive relief. Each has a small loop at the top for attaching to a necklace or other project.

Pewter is an alloy consisting of mainly tin and containing antimony for strength and copper for coloring. Although vessels made of it have been dated about 3500 years ago, it really was developed by the Romans in England during their presence there (the Roman Empire). After a few hundred years of a virtual monopoly by England, it migrated to Europe, then to the American colonies. At first, American pewter was reworked items obtained damaged from Europe; later reformulation worldwide (substituting antimony for lead) made a safer, more beautiful, and more durable metal. Its easy care, beautiful coloring, and long life have established it as one of the important jewelry components today.

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