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PyroPaper™ and other Gourd Supplies

PyroPaper™ and other Gourd Supplies
In our previous life, we were a gourd supply company, with many exclusive products. This section is now here for those who have come looking for gourd supplies…we have links to great suppliers who carry our products.

There are a quite a few gourd suppliers, and many of them are excellent sources. We highly recommend those listed here!

For use on gourds and wood, PyroPaper™ can be placed directly on your gourd; you then woodburn the design right through. We have the plain paper as well as our own designs.

PyroPaper™ is no longer available directly from us, but it is currently carried by:

KarBen Kreations (they also carry Tackee Wax, centering rulers, and other exclusive Primitive Originals products)

The Caning Shop

Blue Whale Arts

Woodcarvers Supply

Greg Dorrance Co.