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Big eye needles (two 2 1/8 inch needles)

Big eye needles (two 2 1/8 inch needles)
Item# SB-172
$2.00, 5/$9.00

Product Description

The entire needle is the eye! So easy to thread, and small enough to go through beads with ease. We include one of these in each of our kumihimo beaded necklace kits.

Glides effortlessly, rustproof, tough but flexible.

Accepts most thread types, use with any type of beading or loom work. Will outlast and outperform any ordinary needle!

Will easily slide through a tiny 15/0 seed bead (that's even smaller than the small 11/0 seed beads we carry), of course you also need to use thread that fits a small bead diameter.

You are purchasing a package of two (2 1/8 inch) needles. Packaging may vary.